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Mobile App For Recruitment

Brief description of the application

1) The Mobile App have the State Of The Art mechanism to help reduce the time, cost and pain in hiring best talent for the Hr’s and the ultimate platform for Top Talents to get the best job.
2) The mobile application for Android phone user where there would be two types of USER. Job Seeker and Organization. Jobseeker receives information regarding relevant jobs and Organization can post jobs, select suitable candidates, communicate with candidates and many more. No Need of Calling, SMS or Emailing Job Seekers. Automated solution for recruiters. There are two mediums involved, Audio and Visual Aids are used in it. No other similar application has such features.

Benefits for Job Seekers:

1) Always free for candidates
2) Candidates can listen to Demo Job Description and Complete Job Description on his/her mobile phone
3) He / She can utilize his/her time in applying for the job of his/her caliber.
4) No need to bother whether his/her resume is shortlisted or not.
5) He/ She will receive only those jobs that match his/her skill sets.
6) If his/her resume is shortlisted then the venue, interview data and time will be communicated through the application automatically.
7) He/She can chat directly with the recruiter.
8) If more than 70% candidates refuse that Job with similar reason then recruiter won’t be able to post the next job.
9) Recruiter can’t post fake job as by doing this the recruiter will be barred from the application.
10) Job Seeker can make travel booking to the interview location without any hassle directly from the application.

Benefits for Recruiter:

1) Can post a job by using both Audio and Visual Aids.
2) In audio there are two functionalities. Demo Audio and Full Audio.
3) In demo audio is of less than 60 Secs. The audio will provide the Company Name Experience Location Salary and key skills.
4) In full audio a recruiter can share the complete job description benefits from company side, company strength vision and market value so that candidate can easily understand the company and its nature.
5) Recruiter can conclude the job posting with necessary questions that the job seeker have to answer so that the recruiter gets the right candidate for interview, hence reducing the time of elimination process.
6) Recruiter can view the complete analytics on the Dashboard real time hence reducing time.
7) There is In-app Call function for recruiter where the recruiter can call the candidate directly from the Application, instead of dialing the number from dialer hence reducing time.
8) Recruiter can initiate the chat with the right candidate for further discussion. Firewall based chat system.
9) Job seeker cannot make fake applications by doing which the candidate will be suspended for duration of 6 months from the application.