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The needs and processes of every business might not be the same, but ultimately, every business calls for a technology with comprehensive functionality, which holds the entire enterprise together, connecting all operational parts and offering better visibility. We provide Mobile solutions to Schools / Colleges / Institutions that help you operate your business more effectively and gain insights so as to make strategic decisions for greater profitability.

For Educational Institutes

• Admission
• Student Information Management
• Student Data Entry Compatible with UID Card
• Cloud Based Solution
• Programs & Courses
• Course Management Solution
• Problem Solving Solution
• Academic Registration
• Attendance Threw Mobile & Compatible with Bio metric solution
• Attendance Record Management
• Daily Update with parents
• Any Important Notice for Individual Parents
• Notices Exam Schedule Can Display
• Marks sheet & No Display
• Online/Offline/Chq Fee Management System & Cash back up to 100%
• Certifications
• Fleet Management Solution

Cut Costs:

With just one business management solution, you can run your business smoothly. You need not depend upon costly upgrades or recurring customization efforts. Easy to Upgrade, Easy to Maintain: With interactive and user-friendly features, one can easily manage our ERP solution. As far as the upgrade is concerned, it’s easy and simple. With right tools in hands, you can take your business to the next level with minimum effort. Improve Efficiency: One centralized ERP solution as a key data repository dramatically improves efficiency by bringing the right information to the right people & avoiding duplicate data entry.